FUSION Performing Dance Academy was a dream that I am now making a reality.  I grew up watching re-runs of the TV show FAME, whilst running around my living room leaping over the furniture. My family could not afford to send me to dance classes so I was unable to start dancing until I was a freshman in college. After I graduated high school, I enrolled in the Theatre Dance Program at Northern Illinois University where I was able to realize the dream of becoming a dancer. Within three semesters, a dance company scouted me and my professional dance career began.

After moving to Los Angeles, I was forced to stop my dance training due to low finances and the high cost of classes. The realization that there must be other kids, adults, and professionals in the community, who, just like me, had financial constraints keeping them from getting formal training, ignited my dream to make an affordable dance academy a reality.

Building a program for inner-city kids with hopes of taking their first dance class, offering classes for adults to learn movement, social dances and enjoy a fitness workout together and providing affordable classes for professionals to continue to excel in their art, became a reality in 2008. I wanted to build a home for dance enthusiast, beginners and professionals alike - no matter their financial situation. I aimed to create a community comprised of a broad-based ethnic and social mix of individuals who share a love of dance and theatre - working together towards common goals. I wanted to make sure talent would have equal opportunity to be nurtured despite income. And finally, I wanted to educate and expose the art of dance.

FPDA now promotes and enhances the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of confidence, belonging and inner strength. It gives kids a productive place to go after school and a place to meet new friends surrounded by positive mentors. I have invited the best instructors whose knowledge and experience as dancers and/or choreographer structure classes to the appropriate level and age.

Finally, my dance company in residency at the academy provides positive role models giving students incentive of what can be achieved if they work hard. When I received my dance scholarship, each time I watched the company rehearse, an extra push and energy was evident in me and I would strive to follow in their footsteps and achieve their status.

FPDA is helping make dreams of dance become a reality. Looking forward to meeting you soon.


Executive Director Note


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