Olé Gitano - Company 10:00

The fusion of modern and flamenco dance spired by the tale of the male gypsy that adored women. A fun piece with flashes of feet pounding out Gypsy rhythms and fluid shakes, shimmies and body rolls.  

Into The Light - Quartet 8:36

Entering a new world, a new beginning of life. The joy of the free spirit.  

Passage - Trio 6:00

The process of passing from one condition or stage to another; transition.

Un Secreto - Solo 5:34

The struggles of playing the role society dictates based on your gender is the biggest discrimination to date. Don't judge a book by its cover and read what is within. So it should be among people of different background and lifestyles.

Ritual - Quartet 12:00

A fictional ritual of boys becoming men. Showing their sensuality, animal instincts, strength and their sense of exploration.

3 Is A Crowd - Trio 9:35

Flirt, meet, date, experiment and break up. An up beat portrayal of young love. Fusing rhythm and blues with modern/jazz dance to create a portrait of sensuality and love.

He Who Sees - Solo 6:00

"Sometimes it is better not to see" "Do we like what we see?" "Sometimes I think Darkness is better" It is about sometimes not wanting to see what is out there. Staying safe in darkness. Sometimes we just don’t want to see what is out in the world.

Warriors - Quartet 8:00

Searching for peace in world full of anger, disbelief, misunderstandings, terrorism, and wars. Salute to soldiers all over the world.

Sweet Dream - Duet 4:40

The love story of two souls that came together. The ultimate love, the ying yeng and the need for each other. A tale of how the body, mind and heart can connect to become one. A tale of a couple parting ways, but not being able to let go. Trying to hold on to what once was. The struggles of a broken heart.

Trapped - Solo 7:08

The constant struggle with depression, failure, sadness and wishing for death. Always bound by an unknown force that wants to lead you to darkness. A bare soul trying to survive.

Fuego - Duet 4:20

The hot Latino dance form of Salsa combined with modern dance moves to create a passionate picture, hot fever.

Shall We Dance - Company 6:00

Sharing the passion and freedom to live and love. There are no boundaries when it comes to true love.

Flirt Trio 3:41

Fun, Flirt, Play, Engage, Conquer.

Torero Solo 3:12

A paso doble solo with the bull fighter “capa de torero.” Passion, fire and footwork that transport you to Spain.