Company Mission

Albertossy Espinoza founded the company in 2004 to expand the boundaries of dance performance by fusing dance, music, costumes, acting, lighting and set designs to create a new world on stage. Through its repertoire, the company touches upon many daily and social issues as well as emotions. With trained dancers the company offers a broad range of skills both to performance and teaching. Each dancer offers a different form of dance style and uniqueness that make the company very versatile. The mission of Los Angeles FUSION  Dance Theater is to fuse together the rich diversity of different cultures through dance.

LAFDT serves as a forum for collaborations among artists and educators to share their talents with the community and the world. The artistic philosophy is to contribute to the art of dance with creations of innovative work and integrate the practices of performance and teaching.

Through music and movement, Los Angeles FUSION Dance Theater welcomes you to a wonderland in which dreams and reality come together as one.  A FUSION of life!

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